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Intro to Floor Wallet
Intro to Floor Wallet

Secure your crypto with the Floor Wallet, a user-friendly self-custody wallet integrated with the Floor app.

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Intro to Floor Wallet

Floor is your home for onchain culture — connecting you with your NFTs, tokens and digital currency and empowering you to explore new ecosystems, L2s, and dApps. The Floor Wallet is a self-custody wallet that puts you in control of your crypto. It's designed to prioritize security, ease of use, and smooth integration with everything Floor has to offer.

Creating your Floor Wallet

  • Getting started: Find the wallet card on your homepage, and tap it to kick off your wallet creation process. Here, you’ll get an intro screen that explains more about the non-custodial nature of the wallet, the recovery process, and more!

  • Funding your wallet: You’ll be prompted to fund the wallet to create it. You can choose any amount, and get started with as little as $1. You have several options to fund, and can read more about those below.

  • Configuring your wallet: Once the deposit is detected, you’ll be able to configure your wallet: setting a custom color, name, and more!

Funding your wallet

There are two ways to receive funds to your Floor Wallet today:

  1. Buy and transfer: Use fiat (e.g., USD) to purchase cryptocurrency directly on platforms like Coinbase or Robinhood, then transfer it to your Floor wallet.

  2. Send directly: If you already own cryptocurrency in an existing wallet, send it to your Floor Wallet’s public address.

You can read more about receiving & depositing funds here.

Wallet security and privacy

Floor’s Wallet was built with safety & security in mind — which is why we’ve included best-in-class, enterprise-level protections that keep your wallet and its contents safe from unauthorized access. The Floor Wallet is seedphrase-less, relies on backups secured by iCloud or your Google Account, and uses biometric verification by default on all transactions. You are in control of your wallet, and nobody but you can take actions onchain.

You can learn more about our security and privacy features here.

Key wallet features

The Floor wallet is built to work seamlessly inside your Floor app experience — with that in mind, we’ve built native features around sending, receiving, swapping, trading. You can read more about those features here.

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