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Hiding & Filtering
Hiding & Filtering
Updated over a week ago

This setting lets users customize their portfolio page with the option to display/hide collections and include/exclude collection value. Hiding & Filtering related settings can be found by going to Settings then Portfolio.

Spam Filter

Hide likely spam can be turned on/off to follow Floor’s filters that will hide automatically hide collections that look malicious or lack sales volume.

Low Value Filter

Filter out low value collections from your Portfolio view by setting the minimum value of a collection that you want to automatically hide.

For example, if this setting is turned on and the Minimum value is set to 0.01, all collections below the price of 0.01 Ether will be automatically hidden.

Feature Intros

Hide Balances will allow you to hide or display the current ETH and WETH balances within in your portfolio view allowing you without affected your current portfolio value.

Hidden Collections

The collections displayed here are hidden from your portfolio and will not have their floor prices included to your total portfolio value. Deleting a collection here will allow them to be displayed in your portfolio.

How do I delete a hidden collection?

iOS: Swipe left on the collection

Android: On the main portfolio screen you can click on Hidden and swipe left to remove.

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