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Manage Your Account

Manage your account, delete, and logout.

Updated over a week ago

To manage your account, go to your in-app Settings then press Account Settings near the top of the page. Here, you’ll see your Username, Account ID and Email. You will also be able to Delete Account and Log Out.

  • Username: The username you claimed on Floor, soon to expand into the social space — being able to curate your web3 identity across multiple wallets, multiple chains and have a layer of visibility/control of what you choose to share with the world.

    • Claim username: The username that you’re trying to claim must match your Twitter username. For example, if your Twitter username is @floor, then you can only claim @floor.

  • Account ID: Information for the Floor Support team when chatting in.

  • Email: The address you have linked to your Floor account.

  • Delete Account: This will delete all account data and is not reversible.

  • Log Out: You can sign out of your Floor account.

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