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Claiming a Username

How to claim a Floor username and rollout process.

Updated over a week ago

[7/21] Username claim is currently having minor issues and will be back up shortly!

Floor usernames are being rolled out gradually at the moment so it may not appear in your app right away. To read the full docs on username claiming please visit the usernames page.

How can I claim my Floor username?

You can claim your Floor username within the settings page located in the Floor app. Please make sure you are updated to the latest version of Floor.

Can I change my username?

Soon! We will be rolling out the ability to change your username as we progress through phases of the username claim rollout.

Feel free to claim your Twitter username today, and you’ll be able to switch later if you become eligible for another one that you want.

What are the restrictions on usernames?

Floor usernames are 2-15 characters and can only include letters, numbers and underscores.

Floor usernames must not be profane, or seek to impersonate another person, company, brand or pseudonym.

I don’t have a Twitter, can I still claim a username?

Yes, you can claim a username that is not currently used on Twitter.

We are rolling out in phases and in the coming weeks you will be able to claim usernames without needing to connect Twitter.

The username I want is taken, inactive or deleted on Twitter

Once phase 1 of claim is complete, we will lift the requirement for Twitter connect to claim a username, for usernames that don’t meet a certain prominence bar.

This will happen first for Genesis holders (in Phase 2), then an early group in Phase 3 and then all users in Phase 4.

Can I request an appeal for a username that’s blocked or “profane”?

Absolutely! We use a third-party partner to help determine what’s profane and not automatically, as well as other measures. We won’t always be right.

If you’re seeing a username as blocked or profane that you don’t think should be, contact our support team in-app or at [email protected]

Can I contact support to request a reserved username?

Unfortunately not.

In order to ensure a fair rollout, the support team is not able to grant you a username that’s not available in the current phase of rollout. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we want a level playing field for everybody.

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